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Advice needed

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Hi everyone, once again its been a while since i have posted, my apologies. I really need a few more hours added to the day and a few more days added to the week.

I have been lucky enough to be problem free since my rbk over 6yrs ago but now i am having trouble with constant pain that seems to originate from the kneecap area, like toothache running up the front of my thigh.Taking the limb off doesn't help at all.It starts about 10mins after i don my limb and it doesn't make a difference if i am standing or sitting.

At my last leg appt (about 1mth ago)my Dr commented on how much the muscle that is used to pad out the end of the bone has dropped and asked if i had any pain because of this, at this point i can honestly say i hadn't.If this is the cause then i take it an operation is needed to tighten things back again. If so how long will i be without my limb afterwards.

I have just had a new foot, purely because decided i didn't like how my old one (about 4yrs) looked in sandals. The new foot is only basic with adjustable ankle, could this be the problem.

These are the only 2 reasons i can think that may be the cause, has anyone else got any ideas or has anyone suffered with this themselves and been able to get it sorted.

I appreciate any advice at all

Thanks, Lesley

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It sounds like you're putting too much pressure on the kneecap. This could either be your new foot or you are sinking too low in the socket. Try adding a one ply sock. If that doesn't do it then I would guess it's the foot.

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