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Jane K

mirrors and phantom pain research

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Hi Everyone:

My name is Jane and I'm new to this site and have only been an amputee since 8/13/2010. I've been pretty lucky that I have only had brief times where my phantom sensation has become phantom pain.

That being said and however short the pain I don't like the experience at all. Trying to learn what options are out there I kept hearing a bit about the use of a mirror to help reduce phantom sensation and pain. The long and short I found reference to this technique on a 2008 article in the In Mviewer.htmotion publication. This article lead to my reaching Dr Jack Tsao (sited in the article) and asking for more details. He kindly responded with the attached information.

I'm going to give it a try. This does not involve chemicals -and if nothing else -I've gained a new wall mirror. This information may already be out somewhere in this site, but in case it is not, pleas feel free to look over the information.


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