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Revision Ertl Surgery

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I will be going in for an above knee Ertl procedure the first week of October. I have had really bad phantom and stump pains due to bone spurs, nueromas and poor nerve and artery bundling. Also my muscles will be attached properly to the bone. The only way I have been able to function with the pain is through the consumption of Lyrica 25mg tib and Oxycodone, Seriously, I hate to take this kind of stuff but it was that or adios to an eighteen year career.

I would appreciate any feedback from those who have had the Ertl above knee revision procedure in regards to the length of recovery. Also any information you see worthy to share would be most appreciated as well.

I cannot wait to be rid of the pain!

Thanks in advance.

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Good luck. It sounds radical, but necessary to live life without pain.

It's been 12 days since my surgery and I go to have my staples removed in 3 days. My initial amputation and recovery occurred during a 31 day stint in the hospital and my recovery took place under very heavy sedation. This procedure however was quite painful, even though I had a morphine pump. I was in the hospital for 4 nights and was very happy to get home to my family.

The doc removed between a golf ball and tennis ball size amount of scar tissue (his words) from the bottom of my stump. He removed the bone spurs and capped/sealed my medular canal. He also attached muscles that were not attached during my initial amputation. He finished up by removing 2 nueromas and burying the nerves in muscle. The procedure was 3 hours.

I am hopeful that the revision will allow me to be able to wear my prosthesis with much less pain than before.

I have a few weeks before I am fit for a new socket.

I will keep you posted.


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