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Renegade MX Foot

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I have a C-leg, a X-t9 and a Mercury HA knee , all for different purposes. I am looking at the Freedom innovations Renegade MX with multi-axial rotation and the anti shock design. I am 245 6"3" and a K 3/4 active individual.

Can you share your experiences with this foot. I may trial it after my revision surgery.

Thanks to all in advance.


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I have had the renegade mx foot since april 09. Its not that old but it was sent back for repair 10 days ago. This is the second time for repairs. The first time the rotator broke completely. Its at the 285 lb rating. I am 6ft 240. very active and working. This time around it developed a lot of looseness and started popping as I walked. I like the way the foot and roator respond and how the foot works walking. I just dont feel its able to take a very active or hard working individual.I work on a ranch 5 days a week and spend my days off out hiking hunting fishing ect ect.

My prosthetics guy really likes the foot though he is a bit dissapointed about the 2nd repair.

I have had the Renegade foot on my new leg (have 2 now) and its rated at the 365 lb rating. Its now my working foot. I miss the rotator being on this foot, its also a bit stiff because of being over built but for what I do at work it is great.



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