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Any experiences of Devotees?

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Hello friends I recently posted a topic asking for help with a "new friend" I had made contact with. I was beinging to get close to her, however when i went to post a letter to her "address" found out it did not exist after several checks found out her house was demolished 5 years ago when confronted "emma" confessed to being a devotee, anyone else had experience of these people?

Very upset and confused

neil xx

Also if anyone knows who this girl is please let me know so I can inform her of her stolen identity thanks


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No real experience, Neil, but I've heard some about them. It's a weird situation, because sometimes you don't know what the person's "agenda" is...there are people who are genuinely interested in being "of service" to an amputee but just don't understand how to go about it...and there are people who just want to take advantage of an amputee...and there are some warped folks who get a sexual "thrill," not from the amputee personally but from the fact of the amputation. Your "new friend" sounds like she's one of the last two types.

It's a pity, because it can make you doubt yourself and the intentions of any new folks in your life. I suppose the best you can do is to assume that the vast majority of folks are decent, well-meaning people...and those who aren't should just be ignored.

Sorry it happened to you!

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I've had a few contact me on the social networks, but caused no harm. I deleted a few who asked a few too personal questions.

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Hi Neil,

Not really sure how to reply to this and I am a little bit confused by your post, so I stray off the mark please excuse me.

As I am a married miserable old git & I don’t expect to be bothered by any devotees, saying that I have had a couple of possible “exchanges” that might have lead to further incidents, I will explain, one of the walking groups I go out with there is one lady who right from day one seemed to show just that tiny bit to much interest in my amputation, nothing over the top but more than normal.

Over a few months whilst we where out walking /hiking she always seemed to be that little bit to close when walking or even when sitting down having lunch, always asking questions , I once let it slip that my stump was sore and that I would most likely have to stop and sort it out , She went into overdrive , constantly asking if this was a good spot to stop , advising me not to overdo it ect , she actually sulked when I made it back to the car without taking the leg off.

She also started to answer questions about my leg ECT when other people asked, (something I had to speak to her about).

Other members started noticing this behavior as well and as a joke one of the younger lady’s told her that when she was out with me on a long walk I had to stop and rub cream into my stump, as there was a spot that I couldn’t reach & that I asked her to rub some in, well she had a hissy fit about this and actually asked me if it was true, and that if it happened again that she should do it because she had some first aid training , as a joke I agreed but stated that it had to be done privately as I didn’t want every one looking and touching , at this point I swear she started getting excited about it. For the next few walks I could hardly shut her up about it , she kept trying to suggest that I stopped and let her check it , she would also suggest that we stopped more regularly and become my self appointed guardian whilst we where out. In fact she become very or should I say tried to become very controlling, eventually I had to have “words” with her and things calmed right down , I still meet up with her on some group walks , but she knows what the limits are ,

I must go on to say , she isn’t a bad person , in fact she really is a nice person , she just has this thing about amputees , I am not even certain the term devotee applies to her .

Now after reading your post, I can see why you are angry as she lied to you about where she lived ect, but did you ever get to meet her in the real world or was it just on line ? And if you did see her in the flesh? (I presume that photo is her she certainly looks ok) so she has a thing for amputees ……………….so what what’s the big deal.

I believe that we all have some sort of preferences, blond / red head, well paid, educated, sense of humor, curvy, the list goes on and on.

So she has a thing about amputees as long as you keep control and set the boundaries what’s the problem?

Sorry if this isn’t what you where after.

Take care …………….Mick

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