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UK Hip Disartic / HP Amputees FYI

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I been posting on here for a little while now about my various experiences and frustrations as a Hip Disartic Patient, and the lack of support advice and information available to us.

As we make up such a small group of amps in the scheme of things, my experience is that we tend to get over looked, whilst we do have lots in common with all other amputees we also have very specific needs and requirements.

I have written on here before about about various things (usually negative) but also on a positive note I have managed to obtain an advanced NHS funded prosthetic that has had a significant positive impact on my life. I have spoken to other Hip Disatric patients in the UK and found it helpful to share experiences and advice and generally talk to someone of a simliar mind set.

To help make this easier, should anyone want to join, I have set up a Facebook Group specifically for Hip Disartic / HP Amputees.

Group to share information and advice for the Hip Disarticulated people, specifically for but not limited to people in the UK.

The intention is to raise awareness of what can be done for high level amps specifically and just a place to come to for some support / advice / info with like minded individuals as during my experiences I found absolutley nothing helpful and it was a very lonely place.

If you search Facebook for Hip Disartics UK you should find a group to join, I've made the content hidden so only if you join the group can you see whats in it. Its early days so not much on it but have quite a few ideas of information, videos etc that can put in here that hopefully will help.

The offer is there should anyone want to join and at least talk to people who are in the same boat.

Time to help ourselves I think

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Just to say, good luck with the facebook group and well done for doing something so positive.

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Hi Harpoid,

Wonderful idea! I just sent a request to join the group. I am a left hip disartic (since Feb 2009) with a Helix Hip/C-leg from the US.

I do share your experiences that there is not much information or support for hip and hemi amps. Even on this board, there are not that many of us here.

Hopefully it will become an active place for us to share stories, information and offer support.

Thanks so much for you efforts!


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