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Pain due to prosthetic

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Just a theory, think about this.

If I stand with out a prosthetic leg in the parallel bars and hold my self up with just my arms, and let my legs just dangle, they both just point straight to the floor. If I do the same with my leg on, the the prosthetic leg hangs at a angle of maybe 10 degrees out, while the other still hangs straight down. So now when I try to walk Im using muscles to keep the leg pulled in, and after a while I develop pain, if I swing the leg out wide and not pulling the leg in any more the pain goes away. The socket is causing the leg to go out on a angle away from normal, due to it pushing into the groin area. Im thinking if the leg was able to hang and not have to be pulled in there wouldn't be the pain I experiencing. Is it normal for the socket to push the leg out like that? With the prosthetic weighing in at 11+ pounds you would think it would hang straight down just due to the weight.

Make sense to me, but maybe Im wrong.

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how great that you figured this out. we often must figure out what is going on. not that our prosthetists are not good but we are the ones wearing the legs, do tell your prosthetist and it seems some adjustments can be made. good luck

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Very interesting.

I have a similar issue when I put my liner on.

If I stand without liner or leg on my stump hangs down as would be expected. Then I put the liber on and it pulls my stump up towards the ceiling, giving the effect of a hip contracture.

Obviously there are forces being applied to the stump but I do wonder what effect this has on the donning of the prosthesis.

By the way, my leg also moves out to the side when I take weight off it. I don't have muscles attached to bone, so may be that is why?

This is interesting, wonder if others experience it too.


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