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Gig going

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Hi folks,

I am a bit of a lurker but thought some people might be interested in a piece I've written about my experiences of gig going as an amputee.


Any comments are always appreciated and feel free to check out my other attempts at music writing while you are on the site :biggrin:


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Interesting idea...I know that immediately after my amp, I was concerned about how easily I'd be able to get back to my own pursuit of live performances. (I'm not quite a dedicated "gigger"...my tastes run more to live theatre and classical music...but I also make it out to see jazz and blues, and I once climbed 42 stairs -- without a handrail -- to see Springsteen. That one, I'll say, must have been pure adrenaline!)

My own first trip out on the town was to see a touring company of a musical. It took me a full twelve hours to get myself to the theater by public transportation, see the show, hitch a bus ride to a spot for dinner, and make my way back home...and I was exhausted when it was all over...but it convinced me that getting my normal life back was absolutely possible!

Like you, I've generally found that if I need assistance, venue staff is generally cooperative and does their best to be helpful.

Good luck with both your gigging and blogging about it!

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This is something that we as amps need to consider. I can attend most venues in town for concerts or stage performances. Thankfully, I am familiar enough with the venues to know where I can sit for 2-3 hours in comfort. I cannot sit in the stadium style seats for any period of time with my leg on. Sometimes the seat I need is in one of the more expensive areas. We should not be discriminated this way, but it is the way it is.

Our new arena is handicap accessible, but not handicap friendly. There are only three, not well marked elevators. I can handle stairs and escalators, but if I'm with my wife who is bound to a wheelchair, we have to take an elevator. By the time you wait in line with those who really don't need it, it takes forever to get out of the place. In case of fire, we would be dead. The seating is mostly stadium style. I found that the wheelchair section is available in all ticket prices and the seating is like balcony seating with very comfortable folding chairs. I was able to move the chair around to gain the most comfort.

At our performing art center, I have to sit on the back row of balcony or mezzanine or on the floor to have enough leg room.

Good thread Greg.

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