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Jane K

Tennis Anyone?

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Hi All,

I'm looking for input from any AK's about their luck playing tennis.

I use to be a very avid player and I'm curious if other folks have still been able to play with a AK.

My knee is a Endolite KX06. The knee allows for great walking and offers a small range of resistance when the knee is pressured but if the knee is fully weighted it will allow user to fall. I certainly recognize my newness and the ongoing learning curve but I was hoping to hear from another person how they did playing tennis. Having been out now twice with a friend to hit some balls I know I shouldn't give up my day job!

Mick has mentioned in earlier emails he has the same knee and is able to do all types of hiking. He adjusts his knee - another Endolite KX06 - depending on what he is doing. He even sent me the manufactures specs. However when I asked my leg guy about making adjusts he cautioned me that the ability to change setting is very precise and if done wrong the knee can be ruined.

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Hello Jane,

To start with I was always rubbish at tennis , and since my amputation I am even worse , I can hit the ball around , but cannot move around the court fast enough to have even a half decent game , in fact just having a knock around is quite an achievement for me .

Sorry this has made me mad (rant coming up)

However the bit about what your leg guy said about adjusting the setting on your leg is so wrong he needs to be taken outside and slapped silly , what a lot of rubbish he needs sacking.

I will now state what I think is the obvious

If the settings on this knee are not meant to be altered why are they put on the cylinder with an adjustable scale on them?

Why it you are given a little booklet with this knee showing you how to adjust the knees setting and what the expected effects would be.

It is even written on the cylinder flexion ADJUSTMENT and the scale or extension ADJUSTMENT for us to alter to suit our requirements.

For the record when I am out hiking because the terrain changes that much I have been known to reach down and wind it up or down as much as a dozen times a day , with no ill effects .

There is a person who is very knowledgeable who writes on here at times. He works for the company that produces this excellent bit of kit, he is an aka himself so he really knows what he is on about. If he doesn’t reply on here publicly send him a pm (oneblueleg) he will sort out the fact from fiction about adjusting the knee.

Just out of curiosity what is your set at?

If I lived nearer I would call round and show you how I adjust mine and what the effects are, they can and do make a huge difference on how the leg performs and that is what this knee is all about. It’s meant to be adjusted to get the most out of it.

This knee got me up here and down again with no problems only a couple of weeks ago




Changing the setting can ruin the knee my arse . you need a new leg guy

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Hi Mick,

Thanks for the feedback. I'll wait a day or two and see if Ooneblueleg is available for input. I would love to learn first hand what more my leg can do and what I can do with my leg.

Thanks again,


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Hi Jane,

Well, simply put, Mick is right, you can't ruin the knee by adjusting it.

I wouldn't propose to know why your leg guy might have said that, I can only assume that maybe the wording might have been used to put you off adjusting it for some reason.

He may have meant that with your alignment and being a relatively new amputee, it's best that you don't make too many adjustments at first. Alternatively he may just want to protect you from accidentally reducing the support the knee gives you, as if you adjust the flexion resistance too low you could fall more easily, for example.

I would check with your leg guy and ask why he says the knee could be ruined, I would imagine he has his reasons.

Mick is the best person to advise on the use of this knee, he really does put it through it's paces as much as anyone, even though he's rubbish at tennis :wink: .

I am an AK and would love to play tennis, but my main issue is that my right elbow is fixed, so I'm no competition for anyone!

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I can't say that I "play" much tennis but I do hit the ball pretty regularly with anyone who will do it with me. I have played some doubles with people who were maybe not as good as I was and also not too serious about the game. It was fun. I don't play much because anyone who's any good can hit the ball where I can't get to it in time. If I were a better player myself it might be more feasible to play doubles.

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