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Crank Arm Length For Biking

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My question is to those who still actively ride there bikes.

I am a RBKA and prior to my amputation would ride 60km to work twice a week. I have ridden my road bike a couple times since getting my prosthesis (with clipless pedals) but without an articulating ankle my seat height must be lowered to get a compete stroke on my prosthetic side and therefore I cannot achieve a full stroke on my sound leg (my leg does not come close to full extension).

My question is has anyone tried custom crank arms? My thought would be to have a 175mm crank for my sound leg side and approximately 130mm for my prosthetic side. There are a few companies who do custom crank lengths and this of course has my optimistic.

Any help would be appreciated as I am currently building a cyclocross and XC bike and have a number of events next spring which I must be ready for!



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No experience on my end, I'm afraid...but we do have some major cyclists here. Have you checked out our "Cycling" threads? Try searching for posts from Rikk and allen-uk, to start...both are avid cyclists and have experimented with various adaptations to both bikes and prostheses.

Good luck with your search...!

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