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Jane K

Financial Help With a New Socket

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Hi Everyone,

While getting fitted for a new socket I happened to ask about any programs that might be able to help cover the 20% patient cost. I'm already paying off $2,000 from my original leg purchase and the second socket. My original leg company was willing to do in-house 0% loan. My new leg company doesn't offer this great option.

It was suggested to check out NH Vocational Rehabilitation Program. I contacted them and am delighted to say the program is picking up my 20% of my new socket which is almost $1,400.

I don't know if other US states have similar programs but if may be worth folks time to check the possibilities. At first I didn't think they would be willing to help me since their literature seems geared to help people who need to find new work due to their physical issues. I am working, and very great full that I am, but I needed a new socket so I can keep working without issues from a out of date socket. While filling out paperwork one of the questions was why did I need help if I was already employed. My answer "so my leg doesn't fall off".

If anyone has any further questions please let me know.

Have a great day everyone!


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Thanks Jane.

I was told to contact Voc Rehab when I needed a new leg in the first year as an amputee. I didn't, which was stupid.

There are many foundations whose mission is to help amputees fund their prosthetics. I usually send any inquiring amputee to their prosthetist who should know of these organizations. They should be up-to-date on them as well as have contact information.

I've personally talked with a couple of these organizations through my affiliation with the Amputee Coalition. Some offer small amounts, but others will pay for the entire prosthetic. You will be limited in what is available, but you'll be walking.

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Hi Jane,

I am sorry to hear about your problem. Who is your prosthetic company? I use Hanger. Did the company have any suggestions as others must have had problems with payment? These groups below may be of help.



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