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What happened to Chris here was a horror story...and thank goodness he had the tenacity to fight it out with Kaiser. On the other hand, though, I also have Kaiser coverage and have had very few problems with it. I think that's because there was already decent prosthetics coverage under my KP plan when I became an amputee. My own KP "problems" have been based on the medical establishment's hesitating to provide "advanced" components to a middle-aged woman with diabetes...the fact that I'm a very active and healthy woman with well-controlled diabetes seems to be beyond the comprehension of "the powers that be," and so I sometimes go through longer-than-necessary waits while I'm evaluated to determine whether I actually can use some high-end piece of componentry. But I have to admit that, overall, my experience with KP's coverage has been good. Too bad it's still not a guarantee to all amputees!

The thought that some marketing rep could even think to present a plan without prosthetics coverage in a "parity" state does point out that we need a genuine nationwide policy on prosthetics. The first time I read California's parity language, it set off warning bells on just how vaguely it could be interpreted. It should not be a simple matter for an insurer to deny limbs to folks who need them!

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I commented on the blog. You should post a link to the blog on the AMPS group in FB. There may be others who are facing the same issue.

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