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Above Knee Socket Problem

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been a good few years since i have posted

actually i forgoten my password and when i asked for a reminder

i relized i have moved from my old e-mail so the request was pointless


anyway after a couple of hours today i recalled what it may be :cool:

Moving on to topic I have had a uphill task with false legs over the years

to cut a long story short for nearly 4 years now i just made do and

this year "2012" i am back to the drawing board with my Limb Center

the dilema i have is i keep doing what i am doing with my leg and

eventually my roll of skin will break down and have loads of soars

i wear my suction socket like a plug fit ie the stump is bigger then

the socket "so goes in 3/4 of the way

im not the smallest of guys however i am not as big as i have been in the past since accident

its a catch 22 because in the last 4 years i have not had to reliy on

tne limb center i have been doing the most i have since my accident

ie going out and about and being happy also i got ride of my foam

cover and now wear shorts on all year round "so it helps me with the stigma

i used to have when people are looking thinking what is wrong with his

walking pattern? So know its simply oh false leg :smile: that has been such a mental barrier lifted for me "silly i know but its true!!"

back to the way ive been wearing my leg i cant walk far however im in no pain because i simply loosen when i sit down and when i drive etc

it works but its wrong "i know that"

hence giving the new leg a go

so know i am on a new leg with the limb center


i have changed my suction socket to a silicone liner with pin suction type with a total knee 2100

the major problem i have had with all legs in the past when made "right by the limb center"

is my suction socket will lose suction when sitting down and always making fart sounds, so this silicone liner and pin just seems a

way to go allready i have noticed if it was not for the pin i would of lost suction and come out of the socket with the same old problems,

now the next major problem with all legs in the past ie when made right from the limb center

is the top part of the socket and the inner side of my groin is always very soar when walking, i know

my weight is an issue however this is somthing i have had even when i was smaller so after nr 10 years im thinking this is still an issue and the only time its not an issue is when i wear my leg wrong where the socket is not at the top groin area

however if i keep doing it they say the roll of skin i am making is going to cause me major issues when older

so i am really trying to work with the limb center with this new leg

anyway today 23rd Feb 2012 i am in extreme pain with this new leg when standing up and walking because of the groin area, however when sitting down the

leg is fine so at the moment i am doing a lot of sitting

hence me doing this topic :tongue:

i wish i did the silicone liner with pin years ago because i have really

noticed the benifit allready instead of the other methord which has always


i am trying to ask advice from fellow members with the storys or tips

because im tryin to make this the year to get out of old habits

and get into new habits and at the same time get the leg right where

i know im not going to have major issues in my older years

All the best from Blast In The Past Stephen :wink:

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Use as much A and D babies but skin ointment in the groin area as you can. This will really help with the pain and the skin from breaking down.

The leg man can help with the sitting down part and the farting sound that's the volume of your thighs changing shape in the socket. He needs to tighten it up by using socks between the liner and the socket, or a series of soft adhesive pads where he finds voids in areas inside the socket when you sit.

Just my advice. Hope this may be of some help to you mate


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been a few mths now and a few re adjustments in the process and 3 more visits to the limb center

well here we go brace yourself gang

a little while back i said my concerns to my leg man and did notes on problems on a day to day situ

this was the 1st time i did notes and to be fair it worked out well between my leg man and me!

brief breakdown he re shaped the top part of the socket in the groin area for me and instanly

i could find it was more comfy in the groin area so i went away for another 2 weeks

in that time i noticed i couldnt trust the knee in certain situations it would just give way on me and had a few falls 1 of which was pretty embarrising in front of people in a street leaving a house to my car, i left there thinging i dont get this

knee why do you let me down = stupid knee in my mind i kept looking at it and played with it while i was at home

and i clocked something which was diffrent it was not as positive in a lock postion then my other knee on the

other leg so i noted this down and once again back to the limb center i went and told him and he went away

come back re adjusted it for me and all i can say is this i now have a comfy leg when sitting down and standing

up and even better i can move the best i have ever been able to since losing my leg over 10 years ago

also in this time my stump has shrunk so the inside the socket has been lined with leather and at the moment

i also where 2 cotton socks over the liner maybe this has helped the comfy side for me because it seems as

time goes on its more and more comfy to wear the leg, once i get to the stage of 3 cotton socks i will have to

have another socket made however i am now confident with the pro and cons with this socket he get

the next 1 better, at least i know it wasnt me after all this time with the other legs with my weight being the

man factor of comfort, all i can say if this gets better if i lose more weight in due course ie doing more

i be running next year he!he!

silly thing i even can go into the town center now instead of waiting in the car or parking right outside the shop also i can

go to the park with the dogs and not looking for the 1st bench to sit down.

I had a lovely day in Brighton and could walk from the car to the Brighton Wheel and get back without any pain or discomfort

i usually dread going to places because i needed always to park so close to where ever i needed to go ie in "Meteres"

now this is not the case ,for example if i needed to go to bluewater or lakeside i had to use a mobilty scooter however i am confindent this year i will smash this with no "mobilty scooter" im so looking forward of giving it ago anyway at some

point this year maybe in the next 4 to 8 weeks

so all in all the last month has been the best i have had being an amputee and hopefully i have lots of years left to come

with new goals etc

Regards From Stephen

@ Captain KB i use a little "vaseline aloe fresh hydrating body gel"

in the offending part of the stump b4 i go to bed and in the morning any marks or sores which are caused

the previous day seems to be a less of a problem the next day,

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That's a great story, Stephen! Glad you're doing so well!

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thank you Cherlym

little update

its been bitter sweet year for me after my last post on this thread 1 of my dogs was ill and i had to let her go

it was heartbreaking it was only a few days later however it was bitter sweet because as i said b4 i can go out with her in the park and when she was just a puppy and when i had two real legs he!he! it was just like old times, so im grateful i manged to get out with her b4 she went :)

anyway reason for the update i now managed to get out to Bluewater without the scooter it was such a great feeling

i had to share this info...

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