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well i got a new....well demo plie 2.0 lol

ive always stayed away from microprocessor knees because of issues concerning water, dirt, weight and activity level i want.

but after much research and talking with reps, and my practitioner we decided the plie 2.0 was best, im on the 4 day of it and coming out of a 3r60 has it minor adjustments. the biggest being the locking stance flex, which makes the world of difference but its not enough to sway me. i havent tried running on it as of yet but thursday i will be once we get the knee tuned alittle more. as of now though i can tell you it walking with it is smooth as silk, and less fatiguing

ill post some pics of the leg later

the set up is The Silhouette VS Prosthetic Foot, Centri Torsion Adapter, and of course the plie 2.0

here are the links if your interested in the components




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