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Advanced Skiing

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I have been skiing for 23 years. 10 of them on one leg. I was getting to the point where I could ski just about any groomed run on the moutain no matter how steep. If the snow would stick I'd ski it! But if I got into the bumps look out. I'd hit 2 or 3 bumps ond crash. No matter what I tried I just could not get it. I took a lesson with Mike Wolf at the Tahoe Adaptive Ski School (where I volenteer) and by the end of the lesson I skied down a very bumpy and very steep hill without falling once. Last Saturday I diliberatly saught out the bumps and had a great ski day!

Thanks Mike


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I cant wait to learn to ski this next winter! Ampskier, you have really inspired me, with your postings. My first goal is to get perfect gait, by mid summer, then onto to knowing what it feels like to run, by fall...and then beginning skiing, by winter....just goals, but if not this coming winter, then the next!

I have a question for you though....I wonder how you decide if you will ski with one leg or two....I would think it would be "easier" to ski on two...is that not true? Is your sound leg VERY strong, I would assume? Mine is very weak right now, still wobble around when trying to put pants on with one leg on the floor....so just cant imagine being strong enough to ski on just ONE leg.....

Give me ANY advice you can about it....I have been thinking about it a LOT lately, but feel like I will have to be a LOT stronger to even consider skiing....you must have killer leg muscles.


Utah, where we just got 14 NEW inches of new snow yesterday.... SKI UTAH!


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