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Stump and Socket Tip

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Hi gang i wanted to share something with you all just incase it can help anybody else in the future maybe?

Right i am a big lad and recently been lucky to get a new leg this year which was comfy around the

stump also at the same time changed from a suction valve socket and using bags or socks to get me into the socket, to a iceross silicone liner and pin version with a black carben fibre look kind of socket with a total knee,the turn around on my can's and not do's have increased to alot to do's

right here we go when i am on the leg and doing quite alot near the top of the socket and stump where the back part of the socket is i get a lot of friction at times when walking and can lead to breakdown on stump skin which is sore and then it makes the day to day activatys a lot less due to discomfort and pain, this was annoying because my body and fitness wants to do more but i cant because of the pain and discomfort and really can spoil your day... im sure some or most can relate to this maybe?

anyway i was thinking about the impact area of the stump because of the socket area in question

at the moment i wear a silicone sleeve and 2 cotton liners due to my stump has shrunk because this

year is the 1st i mananged in over 10 years to get to this sort of activaty which is helping my weight issues at the same time so nearly a win win for me allthough im a still big he!he!.

Right anyway i found a sticky type plaster which is tuff and strong and really sticky its

called duoderm extra thin and its easy to cut to size also the good thing about this is

it "helps" to stop blisters and friction directly to the skin because it takes the impact also

i could get this via my GP in England where i live insted of paying full price for the normal prescription price which is over half the price on the RRP for 10 which is £20+ or if you are on free prescriptions its free to try which some maybe due to there own circumstances and post codes in the


all i do is put the duoderm on the area in question and then put my silicone liner on and then my socks and then go into the socket my normal way it is very sticky so its not that easy to unstick

when in use but its still not hard to take off when you take it off at night, do have some wet wipes

at hand to get ride of the sticky left over but for a sake of 2 to 3 mins each night when you use it i think its worth the extra minutes

for me i use this if i know i need to go out and do stuff away from home and for me i get x2 days worth because i cut mine in half and so out of pack of 10 i get 20 in a month it works because i dont allways go out each day....

i just feel i needed to say this "Just" in case it may help someone else with simular issues i didnt want to keep this to myself even if it does not work for yo? At least its another attemped to try to combatour challanges we are faced with in our day to day lifes

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Steve, your duoderm extra thin sounds an awful lot like the Tegaderm patches that I use. You're right...sometimes just having some very thin little bit to take the friction away from your skin can really improve your activity level! I'm sure that there are plenty of "newbies" out there who can take advantage of your tip. Thanks!

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