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Segway - an update

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Some of you may remmeber that a few months ago I asked if anyone had used a segway as we were thinking of booking a segway tour as part of a family trip to the US and I had some very helpful replies.

Well we got back from our trip yesterday and I did it! (I have tried to upload a couple of photos but seem to be having trouble with this)

Everyone else absolutely loved them and didn't want to give them back - I enjoyed it but did find it very difficult. I also had the distinction of being one of a very few people to fall off sideways taking the segway with me and have the bruises on my 'good' leg to prove it. Just going forwards was ok but keeping it still once stopped and going up slopes was more of a problem as was getting on and off of it. Although it was a long tour thankfully we did stop several times and get to get off and sit down for a bit whilst she told us about the area we were in which gave my leg a break but I did really ache by the time we had finished.

I would do a similar beginners tour again if we went to a different area and everyone else wanted to do one (which from their reaction they would) but if they were going to do an advanced tour - in SF they offer two alternative advanced tours involving more uneven terrain and steeper hills - I would sit out and go do something else instead as I do not think I would manage that.

Not part of the segway tour but I would like to thank Cheryl for her help answering some questions for me when I was planning the trip.


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Glad the tour worked out, Sue! If I ever do dare try using a Segway, I'll keep your warnings in mind!

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