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Hello from Israel

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Hi all,

Happy to have found this forum!

I'm Ofri, from Israel. I lost my leg (RBK) on 2007 in line of duty, while serving in the army.

Today, I'm a software engineer and a computer sciences student. In parallel I am active at the gym, practicing aerobic and anaerobic sports.

Ever since my injury, I've been interested in what's going on in the prosthetics world, searching for new solutions, experiencing with various feet and looking after knowledge and ways to improve quality of life for me and for others. It was when I realized that friends see me an address for questions and that there is a lack of knowledge base online, that I've decided to open the Amputee Life website, where we invite anyone interested to post and help creating such knowledge base for amputees.

I look forward to participating in this great forum and hope to learn new things and contribute here as well.



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