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Hi, Bud, and welcome to the Forum! Yes, we have at least one member who has gone thru osseointegration: "Insane" has a thread under our "Greatest Hits" forum about his experiences with the surgery and his recovery. He is a single AK. Check it out...it gives a really detailed report on the osseointegration process.

The thing that has fascinated me about his journey is just how very long it's taken him to get to a point where the leg is genuinely usable...and the patience and hard work it's taken him to reach that point. However, he does seem to make slow-but-steady progress!

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Hello Bud and welcome.

Not sure if this is any help, but I recently met up with some one who had an Intraosseous Transcutaneous Amputation Prosthesis (ITAP). (Which I think might be the same thing but just called a slightly different name) he is a very remarkable person and I had the pleasure of his company on 90 miles odd hike along Hadrian’s Wall , during this time I got to know all about this system and have to say I was very impressed with it all.

He has a web site, it might take a bit of hunting around for the info but it will be there someplace, he also has a contact page. I don’t think that he comes on this site so why not send him an e mail via his site:-


hope this helps …….Mick

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