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Running Prostesis- Help!

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This is my first time posting here. I'm a RBK since 2005. I'm also a long distance runner. I've run with many different types and models of feet made for distance running.

About a year ago, I retired my flex run for a Freedom Catapult running foot. I was told that it was one of the latest and greatest. And so far, for me, this foot has been amazing as far as speed, distance, and comfort. However, durability of these "power springs" has been a bit aggravating. They come in different numbered categories just like the main blade. And you can change them out from a softer step to a stiffer step.

Well, I have been breaking all the categories of

Power springs from 5-8. Today, I just broke an 8 after an accumulated 60 miles over a couple of weeks.. Lower category springs have been breaking much sooner. And higher categories are a bit too stiff ..

I've contacted Freedom about it and they keep sending me new springs for free, But I'm worried that when I get to my next half marathon , that I'm not going to be able to trust my equipment. And we all know, for best performance, there can be no questions about equipment holding up.

So I've worked with freedom back and forth trying to eliminate the problem. But I keep breaking springs. They've offered to take the catapult back and send me a nitro. So, to shorten this story as much as possible,

My questions are this:

1. Should I trade in the catapult for a nitro?

2. Has anyone else experienced this from the catapult?

3. Does anyone have experience with the nitro or both?

4. Am I demanding too much by expecting my equipment to hold and not break?

5. Would a nitro still provide the performance to do my best without losing much pace and distance ?

Any help with this would be huge! My next race is November 10.

Many thanks

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