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prosthesis for hills / uneven ground

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I haven't posted here for, um, years :) . Anyway, I moved to Seattle earlier this year and the hills are making walking difficult. I also have gradually been wearing my "good" leg into the ground, and have developed some knee arthritis due to overuse.

I'm looking for a prosthesis that will work better on hills and stairs (ideally). I'm currently using a Flexfoot (Tallux? can't remember). I spoke with a prosthetist today who is recommending I look at the new Kinterra from Freedom Innovations. I'm wondering if I should be considering the Propio foot or similar. I would probably have to battle my insurance to get the Propio covered, though.

I have a meeting with the prosthetist later this week (if anyone has recommendations, good or bad, for prosthesists in Seattle, please let me know!).



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