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flynn at barrowburn

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I finally had had enough messing about with Arty leg, after a really good start to the year with regards to hiking it had all come crashing around my ears when Arty leg broke and I had to wait ages for it to get fixed since then I have had nothing but nonstop problems with my stump first off splitting skin and really sore spots then with the hot weather it literally kept slipping off when I started sweating but finally (roll of drums and trumpets blown) the leg had got fixed all my splits and sore spots had healed and the weather had started to cool down a bit .

I was desperate to get out into the hill someplace and start the long process of getting my confidence back and trying to get a bit fitter at the same time.

I decided to take Flynn with me , he has missed out of a lot of fun recently with his trip to the vets and the recovery time afterwards and to be honest I think that we needed a bit of time together so I could continue with some more training with him .

Flynn is a loveable dog who is simply put a people dog, he doesn’t care where or what he is doing as long as he is with someone and that’s it. So today I would leave Bob and Munchy back home with Yvonne and spend the day with Flynn, I knew straight away that he was looking forward to it as I could hardly move without him being there, however I eventually sorted the gear out and we both jumped into the car.

I had already decided that I would limit myself to around 6 miles or so today and that I would start the walk up from Barrowburn , I love this area and never get tired of the views , naturally it offers all types of terrain for me to practise walking on and I didn’t want to push Flynn and his ability to walk much today after all he is still a pup and has very small legs , but I had brought lots of treats ,food & water for him and was planning to have lots of rest stops so he could take it easy if he needed to , I needn’t have worried he had a spring in his step all the way round right back to the car and I could tell that had a brilliant day and really enjoyed himself.

A few photos






Full trip report:


thank you for looking .

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Mick, in addition to the lovely pics, I'm getting a big kick out of seeing your four-legged friends! Keep it up!

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We've missed your lovely photos Mick, so thank you.I'm glad you're getting out and about again, and Flynn is lovely!

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Thank you Cheryl Kate.

I must admit having the pups has been a great help with my walking because no matter how badly I was doing on the day they still have to be exercised (admittedly they don’t need a great deal) but they give you a reason why you have to get off your butt and do something no matter how painful, fortunately that’s all behind me now, and as I get better the pups are getting bigger so the walks should start to get bigger and better as well. a win win situation. :biggrin:

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