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bob at holystone

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Me & Bob at holystone

It was Bobs turn to accompany me today, and I planned to revisit a walk that I hadn’t done for two or more years , in fact it might even be longer , it was a stroll around Holystone woods , taking in the lady’s well , the fairy glen and other sections that I haven’t got a clue what they are called . There is supposedly a Lot of red squirrels. I can remember trying to take photos of them with a small pocket camera only to find that they didn’t really show up on the photos later that night. So if I am lucky I might get to see one today. Gear was sorted out and thrown into the car, a quick whistle and Bob came charging out of the house and jumped into the car.

On arriving at Holystone I couldn’t help but notice that there had been some serious logging going on but from the car park (free) it didn’t look like there had been any trees cut in this area, how wrong was I.

A few photos:-






Full trip report:-


thanks for looking mick

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another fantastic walk!

what is the story with all the tree felling Mick, do you know? p.s. Bob is really cute.

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I agree, Bob is a real cutie!!

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Thank you both, I will pass on your comments to Bob. :tongue:

Kate ,A lot of the forests where planted as “cash crops” years and years ago and now it time to harvest them , unfortunately under the present laws the forestry commission (who own the forest) don’t have to replace the footpath or make good any damage to them for a least a year from completion of there work , of course they maintain that they will once they have finished but as a rule they tend to be “lost paths “ for many years but on the plus side they do put in tracks in other parts of the forest as they open up for the heavy machines so you tend to lose some but gain others.

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Hi Mick,

Another great story laid out by pictures. Thanks for the show. And yes, please pass on to Bob he is very cute.

We too have a Bob but he is of the feline persuasion. Our Bob apparently didn't read the manual that cats should be stealth, slight, nimble creatures. Our vet says he is "big boned". Perhaps he was meant to be a canine instead. He is currently snoozing / snoring on the bed next to me. Any one know of a anti snoring system for pets?


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