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Jane K

Swim Flippers

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Hi Everyone,

I had the unusual experience recently of being able to tell my leg guy something he didn't know that could help out amps who like to swim. The product is a fin that can wrap around the leg / thigh that allows the limp have resistance in the water.

I think I may have posted this once before but I don't think I noted the website then. If anyone is interested check out the following address: shinfin.com

I thought of this because I just lent my leg guy a flipper to let another customer from his office to try out and realized I didn't include the instructions/information that came with the flippers. The flipper isn't hard to use but the instructions offer useful hints.

One additional suggestion that may be of use is I found I like to use a neoprene sleeve to use under the straps. The sleeve covers a graph site that is be its nature sensitive.

Off to the pool shortly myself. Have a great day all!


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I once knew a bilat. BK who swore by the shin fins, but he didn't describe them as well as you have, Jane, and he didn't provide the website address. My water leg doesn't have a flexible ankle, so fins are generally not useful for me...but if I ever get as good at getting OUT of a pool one-legged as I am getting INTO one, a fin will be in my "swim wardrobe!"

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