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small walk along the dean with the boys

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Hi Jane

Got there in the end didn’t you! :biggrin: I took me weeks to suss it all out and in the end I had to get my daughter to point me in the right direction. :tongue:

Love the boat photo ……………reminds me of when I was younger, did you get to play at being a pirate? :ph34r:

The coastline looks stunning, so different from where I live, is it easy to walk along? And when can I come for a holiday? :wub::wub:

Thanks for posting …………………….Mick (who wants to be a Pirate)

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Hi Mick

New Hampshire has only 13 miles of coastline while Maine has over 200 miles. Much of Maine's coast is very rocky which doesn't offer ideal walking conditions for the not so secure footed folks. Saying that I've have had some wonderful long walks along Ogunquite Maine beach at low tide. You can walk for ever on a almost level hard sand. I'm sure there are other great areas but I've not ventured - on land - very far up the coast.

As to your ambition to be a pirate you should plan to be here on Halloween which is tomorrow October 31st. My co-workers and I plan to dress up like pirates for the day. I haven't found a parrot for my shoulder but I may use a little toy kitty cat instead. If folks ask I figure I can just say my cat ate the parrot.

Have a great day all!

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