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Taken from my web thingy

Todays walk was going to be something special, I had arranged to meet up with my old walking partner Yvonne or Carey burn as she now go’s by, we have been out all over the place over the last few years but I had to call it a day when I well and truly buggered myself and my stump up earlier this year.

That was back in June (doesn’t time fly) and since then its been one long struggle to get my arty leg working or my arty foot fixed then let my stump heal ……(queue violins) in fact its been a bit of a bummer for me ……….however I have been getting out again with the pups and slowly building up my ability to walk again and slowly building up my speed so I now had the confidence to go out with someone again and not feel as if I was slowing everything down . Cond at


As normal a few photos

Time to leave the track and follow this path, it gets very wet in the wetter months. Bob of course is leading the way (I have to ask how did he know that we where going to pick this path or is he taking us for a walk?)


Me and Bob posing near the edge (I put bob on a lead just in case)


A photo showing the path in the distance.


Strange sandstone shapes at Dove crag.


The nearly world famous cup & ring marked rock With Bob making it a bit more famous.



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Another beautiful set of photos - no wonder you get fed up when you can't go walking, you seem to live in/near paradise

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Thank you Kate.

It’s not a bad place to live ……………when the weather is good :biggrin: unfortunately most of the time its dull wet and grey. :mad: but I do get fed up when I can’t get out and walk someplace , I know that it’s only a matter of time before my mobility starts to go so I try to make the most of these places whilst I can :wub: , and of course taking lots of photos is one way to remember the good days .

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