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whiteburnshank with bob

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Today I fully intended to up the distance a bit, I really needed to prove to myself that things where ok with arty leg and I need to work on my fitness levels, I didn’t really fancy a coastal walk neither did I fancy a bog trotting session and after all the rain that we had been having I guess that a lot of the fells up in the cheviots would be sopping wet so after much thinking I came up with an old favourite area Kidland Forest , this has the advantage of a good surface to walk along , plus the trees would give me some shelter from the wind . before I go on any further a bit about the weather, it has finally turned cold but at we have been having that four seasons type weather, you know one minute bright sun, next cold rain / sleet then warm and sunny, throw in the constantly changing wind made it difficult to know where to go, yep Kidland forest is a good choice plus they have been felling trees so perhaps there might be new areas opened up to explore.

On the down side it mean that I would only be able to take Bob with me , he is by far the strongest pup , Flynn would be willing but I think the cold and the distance would be to much for him , as much as I hate to say it I don’t think that he would like the cold very much CONT AT :-


Looking towards Inner hill (a hill that I have never got to however now that the trees have been cut who knows?)


Now on Clennell Street looking over the other side towards Lounges Knowe


As me and Bob gain a bit more height we are rewarded with these views over Kidland forest



Not really sure what to write about this photo we met up with a hunting pack, I will say that the riders where extremely polite, I picked bob up fearing the worst with the hounds but the hounds like the riders where extremely well trained and didn’t show no sign of aggression in fact they seemed to welcome bob into the pack and I know bob enjoyed himself running with them for a few minutes .


Part way down , Bob waiting for me to catch up


Now back on the riverside trail last look back before we head back to the car.


Thanks for looking

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