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an old walk that i missed

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Longlands & the Northern Fells

A old walk I did in 2011 but forgot to put it on my web site ,I hope you don’t mind me posting an old walk on here.

From my web thingy :

It was at this point I made the rather bad decision to ignore the route that John has so kindly given me and head off to do my own thing. Big mistake. After a quick look at the map I decided to head down Via Burn Tod where according to my os map there was a footpath waiting for me, to start with things where going well, then about a third of the way down this nice grassy hill decided to get sneaky and get steeper, now one thing I don’t like is steepness, still I was committed (or I need committing not sure which) and down I went one step at a time , going into my lets just take it one step at a time mode (which is really s..t I have buggered it up again talk)

After three lifetimes I eventually got to the bottom and sure enough picked up a grassy footpath / sheep trail that followed what could be the Hause gill down. Now it’s at this point I really knew what a monumental [censored] up I had made, this Gully (not really sure if that’s the correct name for it) was one huge nightmare for me, sloping ground lots of lose scree , lots of clambering , hard rocks sticking up everywhere , (you know the sort the one’s that hurt when you fall on them ) small uneven footholds , basically I couldn’t think of a worse place to be , and if any amputees ever read this I always believe in pushing ones boundaries but don’t come here to push them .unless

A) You want to really fall and hurt yourself

B) You are brain dead

C) You have decided to give up on living

Of course if you are well insured and a family member brings you this way, I would be a bit concerned. Anyway you have been warned.

All you two legers’ will have no trouble so please just ignore my last few lines.

After another three lifetimes, two gallons of nervous sweat, about six mental breakdowns, several promises that I will always stick to the route and huge amounts of adrenaline coursing through my system I actually found myself enjoying this. (Don’t worry I have booked into the local Looney bin to get my head sorted out) again something seems to kick in and I went into auto pilot.

Strange how the body always seems to produce the goods to get you out of trouble isn’t it?

Eventually I walked out onto a very pleasant path out of this gully, and had to sit down, by this time my body was screaming for fluids and something to replace all the nervous energy that I had used,

Cont at :-


As per norm some photos enjoy:-

First one taken at the start where I parked up the car


The views start to open up


This is where I know I am in for a rough time


Just when I think it can’t get any worse this


Skiddaw I’m impressed


Looking out towards the coast


Gulp! Going down


Leg shot


Last look back I really am sorry to finish this walk


Thank you.

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Hi Mick,

More great pictures! Thanks.

Your stroll reminds me of a similar stroll I took back in early 2000 when I was still two footed. I was at a fall conference up in NH's White Mountain at a ski resort called Atitash Bear Peak. Right outside the hotel were the ski slopes and I figured I would get some fresh air before joining the requisite Happy Hour, or Two, festivities. I also wanted to see the view without snow cover all around.

The shortest path between two points was straight up so that was my plan. Initially the "stroll" went well. At about a third of the way up I discovered the mountains technique to avoid soil erosion on the ever increasing steep terrain was to add baseball size rock. Everywhere. Much easier to navigate when the stuff was covered with snow and one was heading downhill with boards beneath. I scrambled on the loose rock with my own two feet. I can't imagine doing it now.

When I made it to the top of the peak (1450 ft) I found the mountain ski patrol building unlocked. The weather that day was good but had it turned foil I would have appreciated being able to get out of the elements. A wise move on the part of mt. management and much cheaper than replacing locks, doors....etc.

Loose footing beneath scares me today and yet I know tensing up, being scared, can make it worse. Logic, fear of broken body parts, reality, good gait, realization I left my cell phone in my room, family telingl me careful ......etc"....... - it is a heck of a balance act.

PS I opted for a nice meandering trail on the way down. Wussy perhaps but I still made it down for last call in one piece.


How you do your climbs amazes me. I so appreciate being to experience through your pictures what you see. As to anyone who faults your stories they can just choose to not read them. Free choice after all!... Jane

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gosh Mick, I'll never moan about my uneven garden path again.A hideously steep slope AND all that scree? I'm very impressed. (And your recounting of it had me in stitches)

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