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Dastardly Da


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This is not a surprise, this is my decision

Now I should give you a little bit of history. In 1987 was in a plane crash

lost TALAS? bone in my right ankle, for 30 years of trying to walk on that


In April of 2012, I fell from a ladder just 4 feet off the ground.

Shattered my right knee into 17 pieces. Which left my leg bow to the outside. My foot was not in line with the leg bone.so we did and ankle fusion. and this went to hell inside the cast the side of my foot die.

they took the muscle from the inside of my right leg at the growing, and made new flat to fill the hole in the side of my foot.

Trying to walk on this fusion has been nothing but pain.

When the doctor said amputation I was horrified, but then remembered in the plane crash they wanted to amputate my foot then. But I said no and I lived with it for 30 years. So now it's time to fix this pain.

After my amputation gets well, will develop total knee replacement.

I think this is the best thing to do, and not have to live with pain every time I walk. I hope you can understand what I'm saying, for my journalist stinks.

I have spent the last two months reading and studying everything I can about the amputation, and the recovery. Won't have to learn how to walk on a stiff ankle, it's instead a long time.

But this was my decision, and I have thought about a lot.

Yours truly Dastardly Dan

Read more: http://amputees.proboards.com/thread/433/decision?page=1&scrollTo=3163#ixzz2lh90jEk6

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Welcome, Dan...a lot of us can understand your decision. When you have a foot / ankle / knee that doesn't work and gives you pain, sometimes your best choice is to just get rid of it. I did that when I lost my left foot and ankle...and I've never regretted choosing to amputate.

Keep learning all you can about amputation and recovery...there are many folks here who can help you out. :smile:

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Hi Dan,

Your have a lot on your plate to deal with right now. Hang in there!

If time isn't crucial (infection etc) keep asking questions. Get multiple opinions and if you are able get to a major medical facility. Even big, well established hospitals can have things go wrong but they will be much better skilled to fix it. If your knee can be salvaged it would give you an advantage with a prosthetic. But if it is merely there, taking up space, and not allowing you to live like you want to after all these years a through knee amp (knee disarticulation) may be your better option.

All the serious stuff having been said have a Happy Turkey Day for you and everyone in the US.

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