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wet paws and foot

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Time for another walk I think

Taken from my web thingy

Wet paws at Kidland

Once again I found myself watching the evening news waiting for the weather , I already knew that it was going to be a wet and windy day come Sunday , but part of me was hoping that something had changed , I don’t really like walking in the strong winds because of my arty leg but I have developed ways of coping (just like many other amputees I expect ) but I was going to cheat and use the shelter of the forest to protect me from the worst of the wind , yes I was going to go back to Kidland forest and explore another section that the forestry people had opened up , my last two big walks had been up here and I had really enjoyed them so why not ? , I had two more routes to do so I figured if the weather is bad why not do one of them ……..seems like a plan to me .

I mentioned this to Bob who was busy snoozing by the fire full trip report at :-


A few photos

Looking along the yoke burn


Looking across to where the foresters have been quarrying for stone for the new tracks?


Looking towards the cloud covered hills in the distance


Our route along the valley looks like this rain is set for the afternoon now.


Bob looking a bit wet


Thanks …………………mick :

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Thank you,

It was very grey and wet, and as normal I didn’t see a living person all day ….or dead one either (not that I want to see a dead person you understand).

I got a right rollicking when we got home for getting Bob in such a state ,I’m really pleased I cleaned him up a bit before the girls saw him other wise I really would have been in bother .

I still have one more area to explore then I hope to be able to “link up” several old walks into something new (I know that really doesn’t make sense )

Take care ……………Mick

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Hi Mick,

I've been tied up with work so I'm a bit late checking out your earlier December trek but thanks for sharing. By now you may have even completed your second walk. Did Bob eventually dry out? Little guys do have the issue with low ground clearance.


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Hi Mick, loved reading your tales, always with a tinge of jealousy!!

One of my ideal holidays would be a deserted crofters cottage in the wilds of Scotland or some other remote place, with just me and my dog. The realisation is I need my car to get there, and I would be pretty useless in the wild weather that so often comes with wild locations!!


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Hi Jane,

No I haven’t managed to do the second walk yet, I think that I will wait till the spring when the weather is a bit better, and it’s done nothing but rain and blows a gale the last few weeks.

you will be pleased to know that Bob dried out ok but as you say with his low ground clearance he is always going to get wet and muddy and so I have decided to stop taking him on any big hikes until the weather warms up a bit or stick to the coastline, I think it’s a bit unfair him getting and staying wet all day after all he is just a young pup.

Hi Mark, I am pleased that you enjoy reading about my wanders, and I am sorry that it’s with a tinge of jealousy that was never my intention, what I want people on here to see is an old overweight above knee amputee getting out and about and think well………if he can do it so can I, I remember being given a load of rubbish by the experts about what can and couldn’t be done and getting out into the wilds was a no go.

You will never see me standing on a start line on some big race or do anything like our brilliant paralympians (spelling) do, but I do enjoy walking and getting out into the hills & the more remote and away from civilisation the better. As for the photos they are just point and press I work on the theory if you take enough a few will turn out ok.

There are quite a few “holiday lets” up on the boarder with Scotland that are well off the beaten track with private access roads so its is possible to get there in you car and get away from it all , but off the top of my head I don’t know of any in the highlands but there will be some .

If you do decide to get out with your mate for a wander, please take and post a few photos on here it would be nice to see what other amputee’s getup to , take care and have a good new year …………Mick

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