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I am hoping at least JohnnyV can help me with this...today in our Salt Lake City Tribune there were TWO great articles about disabled atheletes. One is a guy, here in SLC, who has cerebal palsy and is running, on his crutches, in our marathon in three weeks. He always wanted to be atheletic but thought he was *not allowed* and then in his mid 20s thought, "thats nuts!...I can do anything I WANT!" and he started running...working out...now will run this marathon, with decent times even! VERY inspiring.

Then there is a story about a high school kid in GA, in the "around the globe" section, who was born with above the knee/above the elbow stumps on all four limbs...and is one of their top wrestlers! He is pursuing motivational speaking once he graduates. Another great story.

I would like to provide links to these articles for people but am NOT very computer literate...could someone go to the Salt Lake City Tribune website and post these articles for me? THANKS!

(Thursday paper)




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I couldn't find the other article but I'll keep looking then post it.

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