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Jane K

While at the office...you did what???

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Hi All,

I live and work in my home town. My job is working with the public and we to get to see and hear some interesting conversations such as...

A couple came in to apply for a marriage license. The process starts by having the couple fill out a work sheet asking names, address, parents names etc. We ask who ever has the neatest hand writing to fill out worksheet because we then key their info into out computer. This task usually falls to the ladies, not trying to be sexist, but it does seem to work out that way. Another topic maybe.....

Anyway... the young lady gets to the section that asks stats info. It begins by filling in what number is this marriage. She fills in that this is her first marriage and before she continues he says "you can't put down this is my first marriage"...... the pen stops moving... I hear her ask "what do you mean that his isn't you first marriage... he pulls out his Certificate of Divorce.. and says "we will talk about it later". Her answer back is "you bet we will".

At this point you could hear a pin drop. Glad they couldn't her my thoughts at that point.since I'm thinking what else hasn't this guy mentioned. A tribe of kids, mafia connections......run for the hlls.... The couple did eventually get married but I wouldn't be surprised if they later partied ways.

Since stalking isn't in our job description who knows but I hope this tale might be enjoyed. How about other folks? It doesn't have to be amp related at all. Just what anyone can see or do.

Thanks, Jane

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Wow, Jane...the things folks will say under stress....! Yeah...that sounds like a couple that needs to do some major-league communicating if they hope to make the marriage last.

My favorite stories from back in my working days happened while I was the recording secretary for the hearing panels that determined whether certain student "troublemakers" should be expelled from school. Two of them have stayed in my mind for years!

Student Troublemaker #1 had been caught trying to sneak off campus during the middle of the day, with several of his friends, all using obviously forged off-campus passes. (Real forms/patently fake reasons and signatures.) When challenged, the kid tried to bribe the parking lot security attendant with a bottle of booze that he pulled out from under the seat of his car. Now this kid was not usually a troublemaker...and when asked WHY he thought all of this was a good idea, he replied: "It was my 18th birthday; you're SUPPOSED to do something outrageous on your 18th birthday."

Student Troublemaker #2 brought marijuana to school...on the day that the local police were scheduled to demonstrate the abilities of their new drug-sniffing dog. The dog "alerted" at the kid's car, he was asked to open the car door, and the pot was discovered. Kid's parents were notified and they were all present at the boy's expulsion hearing. Kid claimed that "that wasn't my pot." The kid's dad attempted to "help him out" on this point. "It couldn't have been his pot," Dad announced. "The stuff they say they found in his car was all stems and seeds; my son would never smoke something of such low quality!" Yeah. Our jaws all dropped.

I do sincerely hope that both of these young men grew up to be reputable and responsible members of society............ :rolleyes:

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Hi Cheryl,

Two good ones. How about another two on marriages...

A couple comes in to apply for their marriage license accompanied by numerous little people - I think there were 5. Both the soon to be bride and groom present ID and fill in the worksheet. Once they are done I checked over the information. They had both noted that this was their first marriage and signed under oath that all information provided was true. All the while the kiddos were calling them "Mommy & Daddy". The thought but not asked questions that came to my mind: "why now"; "why not wait a bit more and be sure?".....

Soon after NH signed into law same gender marriages a couple came into apply for their license. After seeing ID and verifying this was their first marriage they filled out the license worksheet. Starting to key the info into our computer I have to stop and ask one of the applicants was she sure this was her first marriage. She again says yes is her first but I have to ask why then is her last name different than either of her parents. She responds that "oh I was married but that it was a long time ago and her husband is now deceased". One with more questions - "where you married when he died?". She said "no". Establishing that yes indeed she had been married I next ask where were they divorced. She responded that they were divorced while living on their sail boat in the Caribbean. (Maybe living on a boat together too long prompted the split) Their divorce was done on St John some 20 years back.

Eventually - months actually - the women was finally able to get a certified copy of her divorce and they came back in again and filled out paperwork. They are now married and hopefully, should the need arise again, earlier life events will be remembered when filling out paperwork. The divorce decree noted that her first "joining" had lasted some 30 years. A bit of an oversight in my mind but one never knows ....

Take care all,


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