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Johnny V Is In The House

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Hi Everyone !!!

I am Johnny V ! A fellow member since February 28th, and have been acting as part of The Moderating Team of The Heather Mills-McCartney Amputee Forum since March 20th. Please think of me more as a fellow amputee (for most of you), excited about the growth of this forum.

We are all very happy to have amputees, loved ones and family members of amputees such as yourself, from all over the world, as members on our World Wide Web International forum to communicate with.

So that your fellow members can get to know a little bit more about you, where you are located, and know what time it is where you live, we need to ask if you would take the time to update your profiles for us. It is easy enough to do. I will walk you through it.

1. From the index page, click on your Logon Name. That will take you to your member information page.

2. Click on Edit my Profile.

3. If you want to, so that we can all celebrate your birthday with you, update your Birthday. So that we all know what country state or province that you are from update your Location. And so that we can share an idea about your interests, life dreams and accomplishments, update your Interests and than click on Amend my profile.

4. Click on Board Settings.

5. Set your Time Zone from the pull down menu.


For me in New York, USA it is:

(GMT - 5:00 hours) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

For Vici and Niki in Newcastle, Australia it is:

(GMT + 10:00 hours) Melbourne, Papua New Guinea, Sydney, Vladivostock

6. Click on Change my Account Options to update profile. Than check to make sure that your correct time is being displayed in red.

Is daylight savings time in effect?

(If you have selected the correct time zone and the clock appears

an hour out, check or uncheck box to suit, than Click on Change my Account Options to update profile )

7. Make sure that your updates get applied by checking your profile after you have applied any changes.

If you run into any problems or have any questions, send me a private message by clicking on the PM box of this post, and I will try and get right back to you. If it is something that you feel would benefit the rest of us, use the forum instead.

If you would like to communicate privately with any of us about anything, the private message system is a great way to go. But you have to be a registered member (Not a Guest), in order to use it.

Thank you for your participation on the amputee forum. I am honored and feel it a privledge to be a part of your lives.


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