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Open Back BKA Prosthetic

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I have a question which I hope someone can answer. I am a Below Knee Amputee, since 1995, and have never had any problems. But the last Prosthesis that was made for me was not a proper fit, and it caused a sore to appear on my calf about midway. I went to the doctor and was told I would have to remove the prosthesis or it would never heal.

I live alone with my little Shi Tzu, and also have to do everything for myself such as going to the store, and taking care of myself. I can still wear the Prosthesis as long as I keep plenty of Antibiotic Ointment on the sore.. This way the liner doesn't grab the skin but rather slides over it.

But it is not healing whatsoever.

I was wondering if a maybe a Test Socket could be made with a panel cut out from the back where the sore is, and I have already cut a panel from the back of a sock, and have an older liner which I have also cut a panel out of the back.

This would allow air to get to the sore and would eventually would heal it. The Pin on he liner would keep the prosthesis locked in, and if a strap of some kind had to go around the top to stabilize it, that could be done.

This way I could remain walking but air would be able to get to the would and it would eventually heal. Then I could have a regular Prosthesis made then. Since I live alone, I have to be able to continue to walk. As for using crutches, I have a bad knee, and other issues with the other leg and it would not hold all my weight using crutches.

Do you think something like I have described could be made? If air could get to the sore, I think it would heal. Do you think this could be done, and if it could work?

I would appreciate any comments about this, or other ideas.

Thank You


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