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Do I have a neuroma?

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Hi Everyone

It's been a long time since I was last on here, and I'm hoping that someone might be able to help?

I have had nerve damage and phantom pain since my leg was amputated, but in the last year I have experienced a pain that literally leaves me screaming in pain and none of my medication even cuts it and this pain can go on for 2 days. I am experiencing this kind of pain, at least once a month.

Could this be a neuroma? Is there medication that will ease this kind of pain?

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Hi, Lisa -

I hope that someone who has had experience with neuromas checks in here...all I can offer you is sympathy, but I did want to respond welcome you back. :smile:

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Yes Lisa. It could be a neuroma. I have had a neuroma for 13 years since my amputation in 2002 and looking into a revision surgery to address the pain that I experience, especially after a higher level of activity. Medications are not a permanent solution and I have not wanted to undergo surgery.

Follow up with a health care professional to discuss your options.

Best wishes !

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Hello, I am an AKA and had revision surgery myself in 2011 due to nerve pain and scar tissue. I am supposed to have micro surgery performed in a few weeks by a plastic surgeon to my distal end but I am having second thoughts.

I need to weigh whether or not it will be worth it. Will it do nothing? Will it help? Will it make it worse? My pain doctor summed it up this way. 33% it will be the same, 33% it will get better and 33% it will get worse.

I had many, many drugs that I have tried and I will tell you that finally I was given an extremely cheap drug that makes my nerve pain vanish; your mileage may vary however. Twenty minutes after I was given a very low dose of methadone my pain went away. The doctor explained how a certain mechanism in methadone actually blocks the pain signals in the brain that produce pain from nerve signals.

Yes methadone has a stigma attached but I simply would not wish to live with the pain I have without it. I still take the original low dose today 2 years later. I work with analyzing financials and it does not affect my cognitive ability.

So I fell down our stirs at home tripping on one of our pooches and injured my leg and my doctor asked me if I wanted to see a micro surgeon, the same docs that do breast implants and restorative surgery for amputations. He stated that he would go in and try and find the nerve or nueroma that is causing the pain. The key word is try. As he stated there was no guarantee, just as my pain doc stated that I mentioned.

No sure if this is helping you at all but I would try EVERYTHING prior to having surgery. That is why I explained what has helped me. Indian doctors are more inclined to script Methadone since in India; there is no stigma because there is no heroin addiction there. And because it is dirt cheap, but it works.

I am going to talk with my wife tonight and make a decision on the surgery. I will let you know if I have it.

Good luck to you, I know how bad nerve pain is and I di try over 15 medications, the gold standards and denervation injects, all for not.


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Above is a UK website on Methadone for pain and who should not take it. I will add that I took all f the Tramadols, Codienes, and all the others that made me extremely stupid, including ant-depressants and what I called MOROntin, for Neurontin. All had no affect on my nerve pain.

Good luck, if you do look into the surgery, make sure you visit a micro or plastic surgeon and not am orthopedic doc. If they do not wear magnifying glasses on their head, don't bother.

Bless you

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