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Hello to everyone Introducing myself :-)

I've just joined the group as I came across it on Google.

41 Years of age and lost my right leg at the spritely age of 21 below the knee after an RTA in 1996.  Recently had some further surgery after a stubborn infection failed to be cured by antibiotics so I'm currently off work enjoying the sunshine and 'pottering' about until November.

Hobbies include playing golf, gyming, cycling and when I get the chance scuba diving as i live near the South coast in the UK.

I've visited others in the past going through similar experiences as I know when I had my leg amputated finding younger people with limbs missing and getting an idea of what I had to look forward to proved a challenge.

Look forward to hearing from some of you.

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I would imagine being young and an amputee is difficult. I am glad you made the transition. I lost my leg when I was 60 from an accident and thankfully I can say I ama happy amputee and live a full life.

This group use to be very active, but now with the Amputee Coalition started a chat group and it is very active. You might want to try it. 
Peace Beth Marie

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