Hello, I´m Thomas and I just joined the forum. I´m 42 years old and live in Denmark, that´s why my english isn´t perfect, but I hope you will understand anyway  Until 6 years ago I lived a very nomal life. I spend almost all my time working as a carpenter and my limited sparetime I spend with friends playing soccer and working on old cars.From time to time I would meet a girl and we would spend some time together, but nothing long lasting. 6 years ago while working as a carpenter I should cut a hole in a wall. While doing this the saw hit a high voltage cable in the wall and the current ran through the saw and into my hands and then left my arms again almost at the shoulder where I was touching a ladder.I don´t remember the accident, and I woke up at hospital 2 days later. When I woke up I found at that my arms had been so badly burned inside, that the doctors had had to amputate both my arms at the shoulder joints. I have no stumps at all, and the doctors did a great job at stiching up my shoulders - I have only some fine scars to remind me where my arms once have been. After around 3 weeks I was sent home from hospital. I had to live by my parents and they helped me with everything. Because of the fact that I had no stumps I was told that it would be very difficult to make prothesis work well enough to regain my independent life. Instead I would proberly be better of if I could learn to use my feet and toes, and to inspire and help me they set up a meeting with a woman - Louise - who was born without arms. 5 weeks after the accident we we´re to meet at my house. I had my mother help me clean up my house and make some coffee and she left shortly before Louise came. When she came we sat in my couch and did some small talk at first. She was 35 years old, tall and slender and she was very pretty. I watched her using her feet just as naturally as others use their hands, and I was encouraged to try and do the same. Louise lived alone and she lived only 25 km away, and she offered to come back at the following weekend. She said she would bring food and cook a meal for us, and she made a very nice meal and helped med to eat it afterwards. After dinner we sat in my couch and watched a movie. While sitting there she gently took my foot with her foot and held my toes with her toes. Soon we were kissing and we ended up spending the night together in my bed ......  We fell in love and after 3 months she moved in with me and 8 monts later we got married and we have wedding rings on our toes. 3 years ago we had a couple of beautiful twin girls, and we are a very happy family.     Mean while I trained very hard with my feet and Louise showed me every trick in the book of being a footuser, and soon I started to gain control of my feet and toes. At the time of our wedding I was able to do most ordinary things for myself and I felt very proud that I could eat the wedding meal all by myself with my feet. Now 6 years after the accident I´m 95% as good at using my feet as Louise, and I´m 99% independent. I have even learned to drive again, and I have returned to playing soccer with my friends and also restoring old cars again. Workwise I have studied to be a structural engineer and I´m back on the building sites. We are a very happy family and we have a busy time taking care of our two girls.  When thinking of my past 6 years I realise that I have been very lucky. I have not only gotten a new life but also a much better one, and I would in no way have my former life back.  In my point of view I lost my arms, but I won the most beautiful wife and two wonderful girls. I hope my story will inspire others and give them hope, that life isn´t over just because you loose an arm or two    I wish you a very happy weekend