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I posted earlier about the Harmony, but I have another thing I'm wondering about. If the vacuum pulls on the liner,mand in turn could it lead to a gap in the liner between the stump and liner bottom? I once had a small insert in my previous Harmony, like a little silicone cup that a prosthetist gave me to counter any gap inside. But my tech says there should be no gap inside. I'm beginning to wonder if this could be the problem I'm having now, I've tried a lot on the outside of the liner, and I appear to be making contact with the liner and bottom of socket, and still have an issue, I hope I can find the answer to this issue, I've always been able to counteract anything outside the liner, but this time, no luck with that!

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Let your prosthetist know about this. Vacuum systems are higher maintenance requiring much needed understanding. Your prosthetist is responsible for helping to empower you with that information.  You can always call Ottobock customer care as well.

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