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Pin lock pain issue

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I'm at a bit of a loose end at the min just need advice maybe reassuring as well.  I'm a bka for a year now, and recently changed socket and foot. 

My first prosthesis was just a sleeve and foam socket bit and was wearing 1 thick and 1 thin sock.  I had  lots of pain issues with this socket due to not being a good fit, but told to be patient as stump will change a lot over next 12 months. The fitting issues where fixed with grey leather liner.  

Been using this leg now for a year and the consultant at my leg unit have said I ready for a better fitting socket and a more movement in foot.  I got cast for pin lock sytem and had it for a couple weeks now. 

I getting pain in end of my stump when walking, this mainly happens when go out side. Is this just a normal thing as it's a new fitting and stump just isn't used to pressure on end of it.  

Hope this all make sense and someone can re assure me, I really hate it when leg don't play games 

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Bring it back for an adjustment. The pin could be too long which would cause you to hit bottom.

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I'm back to see my leg man next week. It's getting a bit easier now. I think my stump just adjusting to new socket.  I going to get bit more cut away from back of knee, hopefully let my knee bend back a bit more.  I still learning I guess 

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