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Hi I'm 46 year old female from Sunderland I had an above knee amputation on 20/12/16 suffering horrendous phantom limb pain very early on for me but any help or just a chat truly grateful had one bad fall a week ago but luckily no damage look forward to hearing your stories ❤️

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I too had phantom limb pain early on almost 15 years ago. I still have it. Not as bad as it was, but still a regular annoyance. I no longer take medication regularly for it. I have a neuroma that gets fired up from time to time which I take anti-seizure medication (neurontin) for the pain.  Glad to hear that your fall wasn't serious.

Welcome to the forum. Glad you found us !


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Hi Sunny,

I am sorry you are in such pain--phantom pain can be terrible. At least for me, the first year was not great and I thought I would never get back to what I really wanted to do and be. Remember it has just been 5 weeks since your surgery and also part of the pain probably is part surgical pain. I hope you feel you can have a good relationship with your prosthetic  gal/guy--they really need to be someone you are comfortable talking to. I had to  learn patience the first year--a hard lesson to learn. Since the end of the first year I have had a great life. I always say I am a happy amputee--wish it didn't happen, but I have moved on. I travel quite a bit and take a group on tour to Viet Nam each year--a very inaccessible place. 

I really applaud you for reaching out to others--they is important. You might want to check out the Amputation Coalition site in the US--it has a great deal of excellent information and they have a more active chat. I live in Canada and anyone is welcome to join the Amputation Coalition.

|Good luck and stay in touch.

Peace, Beth Marie


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Hello Sunny!
My name is Aslan, me 42 years.
I have no leg above a knee. 
There were Severe phantom pains, 5 years as phantom pains have passed, in a month once develop, sometimes in two months once.
Now I don't suffer from phantom pains, very seldom I remember about this pain.
I want to wish that phantom pains have abandoned you.

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