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liner size can anyone help

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i am a below knee amputee  and using a Iceross Original liner with a iceross distal cup without the cup or liner on the circumference of my residual limb at 4 cm from the distal end is 27.5 cm 
and i am fitted with a distal cup and a Iceross liner on top of that and the size of the liner is 26.5 is this right I know you go one size down with the liner and 2 to 3 sizes down on the cup please can you help
i am having trouble with pressure sores the fitter at the hospital says its right can anyone help
thanks magine   

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Now I don’t know much but I too wear a distal cup with my liner. Common sense tells me that if you are having pressure sores - you’d need a bigger size. Since this is almost a year later- what ever came out of your situation? If you don’t mind my asking.....

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