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Hi, Micky, and welcome to the Forum!  In theory, you can wear as many plys of socks as you want, as long as they feel comfortable and you're able to walk well with your prosthetic leg.  HOWEVER, most prosthetists recommend that you have your socket recast (or seriously padded) if you are wearing 10 plys.  That means 3 of the 3ply socks, plus a single ply sock.  Since You're a new amputee, it's likely that you'll be having a LOT of shrinkage on your residual limb.  (I went through three different sockets during my own first year as a new amputee.) 

A socket that fits well is usually MUCH easier to walk with, so you might want to check in with your prosthetist and see if they think recasting is in order.

Good luck to you!

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