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How long to till you give up and amputate?

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I was involved in a work related accident.  After 12 operations in 6 weeks i was left with a L ankle amputation, it was an emergence operation in the middle of the night on a holiday, i was told it was a temporary operation and i would get a bka once i was stronger.  A few weeks later they decided they could not keep my R foot and did a below knee amputation.  I had no real issues for about 2 years,

For about the last 6 months i have had issues with my left ankle for an abscesses and other junk.  Spent 68 days with a wound vac in a nursing home where it "healed", but i have been let in pain and i'm getting a new open wound now.

Friday when i saw my Doc. i told him i wanted to get passed along to a surgeon to talk about doing a bka.

Am i giving up to soon?

I'm a data base designer so i'm able to work from RV / nursing home, but i want my life back.

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