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Is there such thing as second hand prosthetics?

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The son of a cousin had his left leg amputated above the knee. They are in Mexico, the lad is 22 and he's been recovering from many other injuries since late April.

It makes sense that all limbs are fitted to the person, but I think this relative of mine will be on crutches for years before a basic prosthesis can be purchased. They have to pay for everything over there.

What happens to the old limb when amputees have to have a new one?  Any idea of starting prices?  I was very upset when I saw the state of him in a comma. I whatsap him regularly. Mentally he seems to be coping better than me (I also had a bad accident at 21, my loss wasn't a limb).  I am going to visit him in a couple of weeks.  It crossed my mind it would be absolutely amazing if I could bring a leg. He's 1.19mt tall...

Any comments are very welcome.  I have read other stories here and although sad, they are all so positive, I hope to turn the corner and to be able to support this lad, Eduardo.



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Please help me i need a prosthetic above knee leg so that I can drive a car please help i do not have money or a job but if I get a decent prosthetic leg then I can walk better and drive a car and work i stay in south africa my name is Claudio Ali and my e mail address is aliclaude351@gmail.com thanking u kindly tel 0826814040

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