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KnitRite Liner-Liner XStatic Socks

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Hi, I've been using the Liner-Liner X-Static socks for about a month now, great for perspiration! The last few days I've been getting a too tight feeling in a spot when inside my liner, I'm not sure why this came up, when using it outside the liner, with a 1ply CoolBlue sock it's fine. (I've been using 1ply CoolBlue sock on the outside) Is it possible the X-Static is making the liner tighter? 

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Okay, after a few days experimenting, I think the problem is related to the vacuum system, Harmony, so I guess I can't wear the sock inside my liner, it's fine without it. Wish it would work, sure does wonders with the perspiration! Its appears to be irritating the scar line invaginations.


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