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Ouch ! Please help !

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Hi everyone - I wonder if anyone can offer any advice or share a similar issue?  

Im a TF of 7 years.  With an underlying history of severe Rheumatoid arthritis. I have recently been lucky enough to benefit from the welcome change in NHS provision of MPCK. Having been plagued with injuries from bad falls, my prosthetic team made my application from the prevention of injury perspective. It was successful and I got my trial favourite, the Ossur Rheo 3. But I am struggling still.  The knee is great, but it's my stump. I have developed an odd distal pressure wound right on corner of my stump incision. It is an odd circular raised lump of narly subcutaneous hard tissue and the open sore in its middle. Initially, I believed it had formed as a result of my suction sockets (iceross x5 liner) air release button being at this exact point and seemed to match exactly the circle shape and diameter. Now I'm not so sure. 

With a view to helping this , I have been made a new socket, with cut outs on the back and front. It isn't a carbon one it's the resin type ( don't know if that makes any difference at all though and defer to better informed on that ) The cut outs are On the thigh (for grandchildren and resting things more securely) and one at the rear of the thigh for more comfortable sitting and toilet sitting.

Thing is my problem has worsened and now I get the most horrific cramp imaginable. It starts in my thigh then develops into phantom limb Pain as it turns into cramp resembling a pain I can only describe as my lower leg and ankle exploding. If I take the leg off it instantly stops.  The distal pressure sore has worsened and I now have a permanent 2/3 cm long wound that is around 3/4 mm deep - the lower tissue is visible and the upper dermis seems detached somewhat. It is mainly dry, though now and then exudes clear fluid and less still a drop of blood. No sign of infection (yet). Worth noting is I wore the limb to a GP appointment the other day, whilst using 2 gutter crutches - where almost all weight is transferred through the flat lower arm. I got home and due to cramp the entire time, took it off  I had to take my gel liner off too due to pain from the sore and it had bled a little  but was very angry and has since stayed the same pretty much - every step is excruciating as the sore feels to be tearing. 

The GP to be fair isn't a prosthetist so offered few ideas  I feel awful moaning to my prosthetist after all the trouble people have gone to extra help and expense offered up to get me the best equipment most suited and available to me. I feel like I owe it to them to explore other ideas before going and saying I'm in a considerably worse position than before 😞

If anyone can offer any advice I'd be so grateful as currently I can barely manage the odd step with it on within the confines of my home. 

Thanks in advance from a desperate man! 

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