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Shower leg?

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Hi looking for a bit of advice from anyone. Although I've no complaints ay all as to my NHS provision - I've been lucky and incredibly well supported by my DSC team .....but I have one bugbear. I don't have a spare limb of any descript , unlike the majority of others I speak to. ¬†Whilst I don't necessarily have the need for a specific activity type of spare, I really could do with a shower leg - basic stuff non bending just a prop up and wash job! It would save so much effort and aggro - esp as my bath lift handset has just done a poor impersonation of a grenade! That's gonna take sooooooo long to be sorted ūüėī.¬†

Best ive been given is a leaflet for a big sealing bag to put on my own leg. But it's near on £50 I don't have and given my MPCK cost so much the risk of complete immersion  just isn't one I'm prepared to take. NHS would soon point the finger at something I bought and used if I destroyed that! 

So is it something I can press for or  should I ask they supply the bag given the risk? Thanks 

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