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Half socks

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Does anyone sell purpose-made HALF-socks? Like most people, I've always got by cutting full socks in half, but they're always fraying, never quite right, always inclined to ruck up round the back when you put a proper sock on over them, etc., etc. My prosthetist at Stanmore says he's seen such things, but they (Blatchfords/NHS) don't supply them.

Any sources (or alternative methods)?



Allen, London.

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Hello,  I'm new back here with 26 years hard experience. Wish I had any guidance on many of the problems that I've faced.  I had your dilemma when my ALAC informed me that they "supplied no socks with holes in."  I've been on Iceross system many years, and had to use my modest inventiveness to get me round the "can't supply it " problems.  I have a thin nylon sheath which apparently isn't Kosher for my system.  I took an idea from ladies' "hold-ups" with the band of silicone around the top which keeps them from turning into  "Nora Batties". ( See Last of the Summer Wine.)  I appropriated a no longer needed foam liner from my old leg system. .....  this may or may not be within your experience, but there is a lot of use of silicone rubber in the prosthetics trade.  I put my stocking on the liner with the inside facing out, which was the side that I wanted to render "non-slip."  Then took my tube of silicone-rubber bathroom sealer, either white or clear is OK...... then I massaged it well into the textile , ( in your case terry fabric or some stretchy cotton weave ?) ... forming a band of about 25 to 35 mm width in the fabric. The idea is to make it stretch enough to hold up, but not too tight.  When it's set, you should have a non-fraying , hold up sock which will have enough inherent tackiness to grip the surface which it is put on.  For my Iceross I have to do similar with the hole which I have to cut in the bottom for the retaining-pin system.

This approach has met with some raised eyebrows from various prosthetists, some suggest that I should patent it, but the fact is that the "System" can, or will not supply widgets that can make an amps life more tolerable. 

This approach is symptomatic of how I view Mohammad and The mountain. Okay, I'll do the bloody thing myself.  At my last but one visit to the Limb Centre, I met an arm amputee who had designed and made his own functioning prosthetic hand .  The "system" couldn't supply one, so he had the same approach as me.

This situation is deplorable, but life is for living Innit ?

The politicians proudly announce that more funds are being made available for the Servicemen who suffer the IED's blowing them to bits. What they don't say is that they're robbing the money from the older people, and providing less than the gear we need ....  such as water-activity legs, and spare legs.  Who needs two ?  well my new leg fell to bits half a mile from home with my dogs in the middle of a field.  My "shower" leg was constructed from various bits saved from the dustbin at the ALAC.

That's my rant finished.  Hope it may do you some good.

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Thanks monopod, all interesting and useful.

There are loads of solutions which the NHS (in my case Blatchfords-NHS) keep private, I am sure. Ok, they have limited funds, and the NHS won't pay for everything, but I'm getting fed up over the years with being old and unimportant, and therefore pushed to the bottom of each pile! Sounds as if you know the score.

For example, I've had an open ulcer on the point of my stump for getting on for a year, with minimal interest or support from Stanmore, while to me it is THE most important part of my physical life - if it wasn't so sore, I could 'operate' much better.

Anyway, rant over for me too. My old mate Ted used to say "Don't get old, Al," and boy was he right.



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Hello Kate, and thank you. 

The only ones I can find there are BOTTOM half socks - the sort I was after were the TOP half, i.e. the ones you position just below your knee.

But I will pursue it.


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