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My prosthetist has given me a couple of distal cups over the years (thinnish, worn on the bottom of the BKA stump to help cushion between stump and socket).

Recently, I developed a sore on the 'point' of the stump, and needed extra padding. He couldn't provide anything, until I found an Ossur 8mm thick distal cup - far too thick, so I had to cut it down to 'cup' size to get in on at all under my liner. It works, to the extent of shielding my sore bit from getting too much rubbing, but I could do with a 4 or 5 mm thick version instead.

Googling doesn't throw anything up. Anyone got any ideas for sourcing such a thing?




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Hello again - I think we both attend Stanmore.  Anyway, regarding the distal cup - without getting personal, I have found that using  'chicken fillet enhancers' (ask the wife!!) does the trick. Some are thick and need to be cut down but they are found on Amazon and they are very useful in protecting the stump.  I'm looking for an inexpensive gel sleeve as I nearly fainted when I saw the cost of buying them.

Good luck with your search.

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Hello Kate.

Yes, I'm at Stanmore (Mark C).

I have a drawer full of breast enhancers! The best I found were 'unbra' (tinyurl link below). Ebay, cheap, good sticky surface that stays sticky. No use at all for my problem, as it happens...

The other tinyurl is for the Ossur 'thick' distal cup - Mark got me several, as the ones in my size were far too big once we'd cut off the top part which was too much with a liner. Photo attached of one on my stump. This DID work, at least in terms of protecting the hole in my stump, but watch it if you do wear one, your hip/pelvic bones will complain, as your gait will be a bit 'rubbery' while you're wearing one.

Another thing I've been using for many years is gels ('Skin-on-skin' - see third tinyurl) - they are thin and last a day or so (I use 2 as a pad) - but they do mimic the missing bulk of your stump. They are pricey (about 75p each), and you could probably get them on prescription (I don't bother as I don't like going to my GP...)

Hope this lot gives you some clues.


Best wishes,






thick cup.jpg

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