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Hi, Lesley here,

Last week i wasinformed that i am entitled to the higher componant of the Disability Living Allowance and the middle componant of the Care Allowance, can anyone who is in the UK tell me whether i am entitled to free prescriptions. Since my op i have spent a fortune on prescriptions and as i am going to be on medication for a long time this would be helpful.

Thanks, Lesley, Chester, UK

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Hi Lesley

as far as I know in themselves (DLA) you are not exempt from prescription charges. However, there are a number of exemption

'situations' which maybe of help to you. Also there is a scheme that reduces the cost of prescriptions.

To find out your full entitlement to free prescriptions, benefits etc get in touch with the Citizens advice bureau or a welfare rights organisation and ask for a benefits 'health' check.

Also, check out the benefits related to the high rate DLA mobility. ie, road tax exemption, blue badge etc.

Hope this helps.

Best regards


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Hi Lesley,

I'm a RBK from Cardiff.

Yes you are entitled to free prescriptions.

I get the same rates as you for DLA and you also qualify for a reduction in Council Tax - get a form from the local council offices.

Also the Blue Badge - apply for one via your local council / social services offices. You can park almost anywhere - and you don't have to pay for voucher parking - use you badge and the little cardboard clock you will have.

Also - You can claim free Motor Tax / Tax Exemption - you can get a form from Motability - they are on line also.

Higher rate entitles you to the Car - or you can choose the cash instead. If you choose the car - go to the dealers and see which cars are available on the Motability Scheme - they will help you complete the paperwork there and then.

I was turned down for the car the 1st time - as there is no section on the form to write the nature of the disability / illness. When I rang them up to ask why I was a No - I informed them of the nature of the amputation RBK and was told that there would be no problem. I was granted higher rate for an initial period of 2 years - I'm told that is standard and then it is reviewed after that.

I chose the car as I needed transport for school runs and work etc. I got an automatic and drive with my left foot - no problems at all.

If you are driving - you must inform the DVLA of the nature of the disability / illness.

Good luck and I hope this info helps.

Sue :angry:

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I just wanted to say that I think your post was brilliant and very helpful! Not only did you answer Lesley's question, but you went a step further and gave so much advice to everyone here (in the UK) that maybe they didn't know.

I find that, in this country, there's a lot of HELP for people out there, if they need it, but there's hardly anybody out there TELLING you what you may be entitled to. Often, people find out that they could have entitled to something YEARS after they needed it. I have been lucky in that I have had help from Social Services with a lot of things, but saying that, I recently found out about the Blue Badge scheme offered by local council from another amputee, NOT from my social worker, who works for the council!! Figure that one out!!!

Anyway, just had to thank you. Well done you!!


Bilateral b/k

London, England

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Yes, Afet is quite right and i do appreciate all the help and advice i have been given from people on this forum.

Even when asking people from social services/advice centres etc they are not always sure. I tried looking for web site for my local CAB, i know i cannot get into their offices as i am sure there are large steps at the entrance, so i reckond i would email them but i cannot find their email add, there is one for Rural Cheshire but i live in Chester City, I might try that one though.

Anyway thanks to everyone that helps. Bye for now

Lesley, Chester,UK

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Hi everyone,

the best Benefits advice site I have come across is:


Click on to Forums then Benefits. They have lots of 'links' for diabled people to find out about benefits. The guy who answers posts, Ted is very good.

You don't have to be a member to post a question.

Hope this helps

Best regards


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